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Marra Community

Marra Hall:

An area of 15 acres was gazetted by the Department of Lands in 1910 to become known as 'The Marra Recreation Reserve'.

The application was first submitted in 1898.

The grounds and amenities are managed by local Trustees appointed by the Dept. of Lands and serve terms of 7 years.

The grounds have been used for various puposes over these many years including the following - Picnic Race Meetings, Rodeos, Gymkhanas, Polocrosse, Tennis, Dances, CWA functions and Cricket and school.

The original portion of the Hall itself was built in 1934. Extensions in later years have been the kitchen, dressing room, verandah and showers for the tennis club.

The Marra Creek Public School had its beginnings in the race clubs old jockey shed (seen on the left in the picture above).

Locals approached The Department of Education in the late 1960's with a view to establishing a school in the community. Initially, parents close to the Hall jointly employed Clare Backhouse(later McConochie) to supervise correspondence lessons in 1969 and 1970.

It was in 1971 that the Dept. of Education made the first teaching appointment to Marra Creek Public School. There were 24 enrolments. It was later in that year that a bus run commenced from the westerly direction of the Hall making it possible for more children to attend the school.

The initial contents of the school consisted of chairs/desks/blackboard and chalk. We have come a long way.

The parents continued to lobby the Dept. for a school building and in 1974 a building arrived in two halves and was erected on a site just east of the Recreation Reserve.

The school has seen many improvements over time including a phone connection a ground tank to allow the establishment of gardens

Marra Monkeys Polocrosse:




Marra Tennis Club:

The Marra LAWN Tennis Club (as it was then known) first formed in 1909. The site for the club was on the local property Evergreen Hill a few kilometres from the existing site of the Recreation grounds.


Marra CWA:

The first meeting of the Marra CWA was held in the Marra Hall on 27th November 1937. A purpose buit Rest Room was constructed and opened in 1959. The CWA have been great contributors to the Marra community over the years. The CWA were resposible for the purchase of the 32 volt power plant for the Hall in 1947. They also have continuously held a Christmas Tree since their inception in 1937 to the present time.












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